Oct 31, 2011

Ever Faithful

Yesterday during our worship service we sang “Never Let Go.”  Here are a few of the chorus lyrics in case you are not sure what I am talking about…

“Ever faithful, Ever true, You I know You never let go, 
You never let go, You never let go, You never let go”

We have sung this song a few times before but this time was different.  You see during the weekend a brother in Christ lost his battle with cancer but won the victory over death as he entered through the pearly gates of heaven.  While we were singing the Lord was speaking to my heart.  In times of great strife, storms, illness, and the death of loved ones we often times question where is God?  Why has He left us?  Why has He allowed this to happen?  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that He is right there with us during those tough times.
   You see God NEVER lets us go.  Once we accept Him as our Savior He grabs a hold of us and refuses to let go.  What the Lord was showing me yesterday is that it is during those times of storms that He holds on to us even tighter. When we are questioning where He is, He is there holding onto us with all of his might.  In the case of this dear brother in Christ, the Lord showed me that God was there with him, holding on so tight that when the pain he was in was too much to bare Jesus said, “That’s enough, it’s time to come home,”  removing him from the pain and the disease, holding him tightly, never letting him go. 
  If you are hurting today, struggling with “where are you God” in the midst of your storm know this…
God is there! He hasn’t let your side! He will NEVER let you go, in fact in the midst of your storm He is there holding you tighter than ever before!  God’s word promises us, “For the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." Deut 31:6b

In His Grip,

Oct 18, 2011

Here in Your Presense

 Tonight I just want to sit in your presence Lord!  I want to feel your arms wrapped around me, knowing all things are in your control.  Feeling your touch, wiping all my fears away!  Lord just as the lyrics of this song state, all fear is suddenly wiped away.  Lord you know how I do not like not knowing how events will play out.  There are so many scenarios playing out in my mind and all I want is peace.  I trust You fully and know what ever door you open or even if you shut all of them that you know what you are doing.  Just need your reassurance tonight in a real way!  I long for more of your presence in my life Lord!  More of you and less of me!  

Found in Your hands, fullness of joy
Every fear suddenly wiped away here in Your presence
All of my gains now fade away
Every crown no longer on display, here in Your presence
Heaven is trembling in awe of Your wonders
The kings and their kingdom are standing amazed

Here in Your presence, we are undone
Here in Your presence, Heaven and Earth become one
Here in Your presence, all things are new
Here in Your presence, everything bows before You

Wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchlessin every way
Wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchlessin every way

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/n/new_life_worship/#share

Oct 16, 2011


SO many things on my mind....

* Do I need to downsize more for when God moves us?
* What do I keep and what do I give away?
* Where is He going to send us?
* Why must my children scream when in the house?
* What is God thinking? (A church in KS has contacted us as has one in KY)
* What if after everything we end up moving to KS...will I love it there as much as I do KY?
* How can we pay off the rest of our debts the fastest way?
* How can we afford to move?

This is just a few things on my mind...they all  (except one) depend on faith and trust in God.  God alone knows where we are suppose to be, I just don't want to move and then be longing to be back in KY.  So God if it is your will for us to move anywhere but in the state of KY then I pray you will remove the desire to live here.  When we move (we have moved to different homes and states 6 times in 14 years) I pray that it be the last time we move.  I want to set roots in the next place and feel like we are "home"! 

Oct 9, 2011

Resting Under His Wings

Earlier this week a friend posted this picture on Facebook.  I immediately thought of this scripture,
Ps 91:4..."He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge."  My friend Cindy shared that a friend of hers and sent the picture to her and she had no idea who took it. I ask if I could use it specifically for this blog and well here it is.  I just find it comforting to look at.  Reminds me that God is there no matter how far I run, or what I do, if I will turn back to him I will find refuge.  A safe haven.  Anyone else out there need a place to find rest, a safe place to rest?  Thank you Jesus that you cover us with your wings of mercy and protect us from harm.  You got our backs and for that we thank you Lord!

Oct 7, 2011

Creaking Door

God has a sense of humor, He really does.  A door that we thought was closed is may now be open again.  Only this time it is creaking open.  We were contacted and now starting the beginning process of the interviews.  We are trusting God to tend to every detail and cover us with his favor.  If you read this blog you know we have been seeking ministry opportunities for some time now (over a year).  This may be the one and it may not but what we do know is it is in His hands and we are trusting Him to open the door WIDE!

Oct 5, 2011

You Reap What You Sow

A friend of mine sent me this in an email.  I hope it touches your heart, makes you think and makes you want to act like it did me!

Good morning said a woman as she walked up to the man sitting on ground.
The man slowly looked up.
This was a woman clearly accustomed to the finer things of life. Her coat was new.. She looked like she had never missed a meal in her life.

His first thought was that she wanted to make fun of him, like so many others had done before.. "Leave me alone," he growled....

To his amazement, the woman continued standing.

She was smiling -- her even white teeth displayed in dazzling rows. "Are you hungry?" she asked.

"No," he answered sarcastically. "I've just come from dining with the president. Now go away."

The woman's smile became even broader. Suddenly the man felt a gentle hand under his arm.

"What are you doing, lady?" the man asked angrily. "I said to leave me alone.

Just then a policeman came up. "Is there any problem, ma'am?" he asked..

"No problem here, officer," the woman answered. "I'm just trying to get this man to his feet. Will you help me?"

The officer scratched his head. "That's old Jack. He's been a fixture around here for a couple of years. What do you want with him?"

"See that cafeteria over there?" she asked. "I'm going to get him something to eat and get him out of the cold for awhile."

"Are you crazy, lady?" the homeless man resisted. "I don't want to go in there!" Then he felt strong hands grab his other arm and lift him up. "Let me go, officer. I didn't do anything."
" This is a good deal for you, Jack" the officer answered. "Don't blow it.."

Finally, and with some difficulty, the woman and the police officer got Jack into the cafeteria and sat him at a table in a remote corner. It was the middle of the morning, so most of the breakfast crowd had already left and the lunch bunch had not yet arrived...

The manager strode across the cafeteria and stood by his table. "What's going on here, officer?" he asked. "What is all this, is this man in trouble?"

"This lady brought this man in here to be fed," the policeman answered.

"Not in here!" the manager replied angrily. "Having a person like that here is bad for business.."

Old Jack smiled a toothless grin. "See, lady. I told you so. Now if you'll let me go. I didn't want to come here in the first place."

The woman turned to the cafeteria manager and smiled....... "Sir, are you familiar with Eddy and Associates, the banking firm down the street?"

"Of course I am," the manager answered impatiently. "They hold their weekly meetings in one of my banquet rooms."

"And do you make a godly amount of money providing food at these weekly meetings?"

"What business is that of yours?"

I, sir, am Penelope Eddy, president and CEO of the company."


The woman smiled again. "I thought that might make a difference." She glanced at the cop who was busy stifling a giggle. "Would you like to join us in a cup of coffee and a meal, officer?"

"No thanks, ma'am," the officer replied. "I'm on duty."

"Then, perhaps, a cup of coffee to go?"
"Yes, maam. That would be very nice."

The cafeteria manager turned on his heel, "I'll get your coffee for you right away, officer."

The officer watched him walk away. "You certainly put him in his place," he said.

"That was not my intent. Believe it or not, I have a reason for all this."

She sat down at the table across from her amazed dinner guest. She stared at him intently.. "Jack, do you remember me?"

Old Jack searched her face with his old, rheumy eyes. "I think so -- I mean you do look familiar."

"I'm a little older perhaps," she said. "Maybe I've even filled out more than in my younger days when you worked here, and I came through that very door, cold and hungry."

"Ma'am?" the officer said questioningly. He couldn't believe that such a magnificently turned out woman could ever have been hungry.

"I was just out of college," the woman began. "I had come to the city looking for a job, but I couldn't find anything. Finally I was down to my last few cents and had been kicked out of my apartment. I walked the streets for days. It was February and I was cold and nearly starving. I saw this place and walked in on the off chance that I could get something to eat."

Jack lit up with a smile. "Now I remember," he said.. "I was behind the serving counter. You came up and asked me if you could work for something to eat. I said that it was against company policy."

"I know," the woman continued. "Then you made me the biggest roast beef sandwich that I had ever seen, gave me a cup of coffee, and told me to go over to a corner table and enjoy it. I was afraid that you would get into trouble... Then, when I looked over and saw you put the price of my food in the cash register, I knew then that everything would be all right."

"So you started your own business?" Old Jack said.

"I got a job that very afternoon. I worked my way up. Eventually I started my own business that, with the help of God, prospered." She opened her purse and pulled out a business card.. "When you are finished here, I want you to pay a visit to a Mr. Lyons...He's the personnel director of my company. I'll go talk to him now and I'm certain he'll find something for you to do around the office." She smiled. "I think he might even find the funds to give you a little advance so that you can buy some clothes and get a place to live until you get on your feet... If you ever need anything, my door is always opened to you."

There were tears in the old man's eyes. "How can I ever thank you?" he said.
"Don't thank me," the woman answered. "To God goes the glory. Thank Jesus...... He led me to you."

Outside the cafeteria, the officer and the woman paused at the entrance before going their separate ways....

"Thank you for all your help, officer," she said.

"On the contrary, Ms. Eddy," he answered. "Thank you. I saw a miracle today, something that I will never forget. And..And thank you for the coffee." !

God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor.

Oct 1, 2011


It's October!  I can not believe this year is slipping away and I feel as if I can't reign it in.  It's a crisp cool day here in Ky, 46 degrees and I am for sure NOT ready for these temps!  Thankfully by the end of the week we will be back up to the high 70s low 80s.   I prefer temps in the 70/80.  We are still seeking God about ministry.  Just waiting on Him.  We are doing our part, sending resumes, praying, believing for open doors.  Not sure there is anything else we can do.  Sometimes, most of the time, I wish God would give us a manual telling us what to do next.  Oh I know we have the Bible and it is a manual for our lives but I am talking about what to do in this process of knocking on doors.  I just want to know the next step.  Trusting blindly in full faith that His plan will be revealed.