Feb 28, 2012

The Gift that Became a Curse

Have you ever been given a wonderful gift and at first it is everything you wanted.  Maybe it was something you desperately needed or prayed for or just a gift from a loved one and then out of no where it is no longer a gift but a curse.  It may start off as small comments made by the giver.  Things such as, "I'm glad I could give it to you or I'm glad I had the money to give to you,"  then it changes to, "I hope you know how much that cost me or how much of a sacrifice it was for me to give it to you."
   It's as if you now owe them for the gift.  A gift is defined as: Anything given; anything voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation; a present; an offering. So when is a gift no longer a gift?   When the giver holds the price tag over the receiver's head!!!
   I am positive many of you (those that actually follow this blog or even stumble upon it by accident) have experienced this one time in your life or another.  I can even stretch it to say you (I) may have actually been the one doing it.
   Let me just say I would rather not even receive the gift if this is how it will be.  I am personally dealing with this right now.  Not sure how to handle it and honestly would love to just give the gift back but can't.  It was a monetary gift used to fix something.  A gift we were told.... A GIFT!  and now it has become a curse.  I am doing my best to not allow bitterness to grow towards this person.  UGH!  Why can't the gift be just that a gift!

Feb 15, 2012

What does a muffler and prayer have in common?

This week I wrote a new post on Pastoring Partners NetworkGO CHECK IT OUT!  Make sure you post a comment about what you think. I am always interested in others thoughts on what I have written.  I like feedback as much as anyone. :-)