Jun 29, 2010

Get up and stop bellyachin’!

How many times do we get ourselves in situations that are tough and then lay on the ground begging God to do something or blaming Him for the situation? When it was our fault the whole time. This is exactly what Joshua does after the Israelite army runs in fear from the soldiers of Ai.
Joshua 7:4-10(CEV)
Joshua sent about three thousand soldiers to attack Ai. But the men of Ai fought back and chased the Israelite soldiers away from the town gate and down the hill to the stone quarries. Thirty-six Israelite soldiers were killed, and the Israelite army felt discouraged. Joshua and the leaders of Israel tore their clothes and put dirt on their heads to show their sorrow. They lay face down on the ground in front of the sacred chest until sunset. Then Joshua said: Our LORD, did you bring us across the Jordan River just so the Amorites could destroy us? This wouldn't have happened if we had agreed to stay on the other side of the Jordan. I don't even know what to say to you, since Israel's army has turned and run from the enemy. Everyone will think you weren't strong enough to protect your people. Now the Canaanites and everyone else who lives in the land will surround us and wipe us out.
The LORD answered: Stop lying there on the ground! Get up!

I love how God answers this, just get up and stop it (my version). Ok so not when it is me He may be talking to but today during my morning devotional His answer actually made me laugh. It sounds like something I have said to my kids before when they have thrown themselves on the floor and lay there whining and complaining. Has God ever said that to you? He has me and I can tell you when He has I have not liked it one bit! A reprimand from the Lord is NEVER pleasant but if take what He says and follow His word His blessings will follow us. Later in this
chapter we read, “Then the Lord stopped being angry with Israel.”(Jos 7:26) But this did not happen until the Joshua followed the orders that God gave him concerning the situation that had gotten them to this place.
Our Heavenly Father wants only the best for us. It is our decision whether we will follow His plans for our lives. He is just like an earthly Father in that He disciplines us when needed, comforts us and loves us. Are you in need of a word like this today… “Stop lying there on the ground! GET UP!” What are you laying there complaining about? God has a plan for you stop complaining and start praying!