Jul 20, 2012

Punching Bag

Lately it feels like I am the bunching bag for a few people.  Specifically one who 15 years later has decided to attack me verbally.  REALLY???  Just love being the brunt of the blame for something they chose so long ago.  I am thankful I have real friends that know me, know my heart and have witnessed how God has changed my life and used me to reach others.  God knows the truth!  I spoke the truth into the situation and I chose to NOT listen to the negative banter that has become the choice of action. 

I am always amazed how people like to blame others for choices THEY make!  Good or bad, people need to accept the consequences for their actions.  I am not perfect!  NO ONE IS!  Not a single pastor, pastor's wife, or leader of any kind is perfect.  If you place your pastor on such a high pedestal they are bound to fall off and then your view of them and God may come to a crash.  Seriously, all pastors were sinners before accepting Christ as their Savior and hearing the call to be a pastor!  All pastors have a testimony and were not perfect before becoming a pastor and I can guarantee they are still not perfect after becoming a pastor.  Pastors are human! 
   Being a pastor doesn't dismiss them from repentance.  In fact being a pastor actually puts them in a position where every move, word, motive is critically watch by others under them.  Let me tell you most pastors live in glass bowls.  In other words watched under a microscope and one false move and they are zapped.  It's sad!  No wonder so many men and women leave full time ministry!