Apr 21, 2013

Singing in the Rain

Earlier this week we had some very strong thunderstorms blow through right around day break.  My dogs wanted out to potty so I went to the back door to let them out. Sheets of rain, thunder, flashes of lightening and strong winds convinced them to turn back around and they ran for my bed where I found them hiding under my blanket. What really caught my attention during all of this is that despite all the craziness outside and how my dogs reacted, there was also a symphony of very happy birds chirping loud enough I could hear them even before I opened my door. I have contemplated these events all week and here's my point to this story...We can act like my dogs, run and hide under the blankets when strong storms come into our lives OR we can sing praises to our Heavenly Father despite the storms! You see the birds were enjoying the rain and they knew the storm and all it's craziness was going to end soon. We need to remember that know matter what the storms are like we are going through they will end and if we sing unto the Lord through the storms not only will we have more peace during the storms but we will have grown closer to Him rather than farther way!