Jan 24, 2013

Just Keep Swimming....

Oh YES!  This definitely describes what I am going through. Well the talking myself into it deal.  I am proud to say that I am pushing myself to do more.  I am not giving up or giving in!  Going to keep fighting to lose this weight.  Just gotta get the sweets out of my diet again.  Get back to the bare essentials again.  Cut the carbs, cut the calories again.  Feel like I have definitely hit another wall but I am not about to give up.

Jan 12, 2013

Being Persistent

Slow going but going.  That is how the turtle wins right?!  UGH!  I do feel like a turtle.  I am realizing that my speed bump wasn't just a bump but a hole, that has affected not only my physical movement but also my mental movement.  What do I mean?  Well before my back decided to freak out on me I mentally was pushing forward no matter what.  But since my back has gotten better my mental "push forward don't give up" thought process just has not been all that great.  I literally am having to "be PERSISTENT" in pushing forward.  I have to remind myself to go work out and not just work out (do as little as possible) but really WORKOUT (push through the pain).  The pain I am talking about isn't pain caused by injury but pain caused by a good work out.
   So here is to being persisstent!  Don't give up, don't give in, going to keep fighting and win!

Jan 1, 2013

One Word Challenge

For the last few years I have chosen a word to focus on and this year my word is:

The root word of persistence is persist.  One meaning of persist is to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition. The origin of the word according to Merriam-Webster...

         Latin persistere, from per- + sistere to take a stand, stand firm

I love that!  "To take a stand, stand firm!"  Yep that is what I am gonna do this year with the journey to a healthy life spiritually and physically - healthy weight.  I shall reach my goals and strive towards what God has for me personally and as a family.

What is your word of focus for the year?