Jan 12, 2013

Being Persistent

Slow going but going.  That is how the turtle wins right?!  UGH!  I do feel like a turtle.  I am realizing that my speed bump wasn't just a bump but a hole, that has affected not only my physical movement but also my mental movement.  What do I mean?  Well before my back decided to freak out on me I mentally was pushing forward no matter what.  But since my back has gotten better my mental "push forward don't give up" thought process just has not been all that great.  I literally am having to "be PERSISTENT" in pushing forward.  I have to remind myself to go work out and not just work out (do as little as possible) but really WORKOUT (push through the pain).  The pain I am talking about isn't pain caused by injury but pain caused by a good work out.
   So here is to being persisstent!  Don't give up, don't give in, going to keep fighting and win!

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