Sep 22, 2010

Plain and Simple

Psa 70:5 ~ I am poor and needy, but you, the LORD God, care about me. You are the one who saves me. Please hurry and help!

I love how David puts it very plain and simple... “Lord God please hurry and help!” How many times have we prayed this same simple prayer? I know I have many times, in fact lately it seems this is exactly what I say, “Lord you promise to care for me, you promise to provide my needs from physical needs such as food to healing. Lord please hurry and help!” You see we are living out our faith in a very, very real way. We moved here on faith believing God has a plan and purpose for us here. We have been watching the Lord provide in every aspect of this move.
We prayed for a home that had 4 bedrooms and my heart’s desire was for a dishwasher. What did God supply? A home with 4 bedrooms with extra room that we plan to make into a big game room and a dishwasher! I had found a certain couch at a local store (in IL) and it was listed for $400 no way was I going to pay that. Went back the same week we were moving and got the same couch for $45! God provided again! We have been praying for jobs since getting here and Sean started a job this week. I have a few other prayers that will remain between the Lord and me but have faith He will answer them. Last night I was praying specifically for Him to provide for our needs. This morning Sean came home from work and brought this large bag in from work that was given to the workers, that was filled with snacks and juice boxes…all the things I needed for lunches for the kids! Thank you Lord!
Right now the biggest news I can post at this point is that this Sunday is a huge day for our family! You see we moved here without jobs or ministry. God opened the door to a job for Sean this week. On Sunday he will be preaching and after the evening service if the Lord sees fit and the church members believe it’s the Lord’s will, then we will become the new pastors of this wonderful church. It is all in God’s hands and we will wait and see how God moves. He has been faithful up to this point and we know He is going to stay faithful. Even if this door to ministry closes we must stand on His word and know He is looking out for our family and will open doors elsewhere.
So if you are reading this could I please ask you to pray with us and for us! For God to open the doors He sees fit and to provide for our immediate needs and without going into detail we have many. So as David says, “Lord you care for me, please hurry and help!”

Sep 17, 2010


~ The Bible describes it very well in these scriptures ~
"Keep looking straight ahead, without turning aside. Know where you are headed, and you will stay on solid ground. Don't make a mistake by turning to the right or the left." Proverbs 4:25-27
Something my dear friend Michele has done for me the last month and a half has repeatedly sent me a Facebook message of FOCUS! Just to remind me! Many times I needed that word because I wasn't focused and I wasn't looking at Jesus! i was too caught up in the worries of tomorrow, the what if this doesn't happen or does. The Bible tells us to :not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of their own." We took a GIANT leap of fact I have told many it has felt like we are jumping off the top of Mt Everest without a safety net but once again my friend reminded me, "God will never leave you or forsake you." He will be there to catch you and instead of letting you splatter on the ground He will help you to soar! It hasn't been easy to keep that focus through this walk of mighty faith we have taken but I gotta tell ya to see how things are unfolding and how His hand has been on every step is exciting! Thank you lord for just being YOU!

Sep 14, 2010


Seriously God?! Seriously? I get excited about something and then a wall gets thrown up that seems impossible to get through, over, around, or under. God you are gonna just have to push this wall down for me cause I just don't have the strength this time!