Sep 15, 2011

And yet....

We will still praise Him!  We have sent out a total of 12 resumes to churches seeking a new pastor and so far have had 5 doors close. The sweet sound of silence is sometimes golden and other times it is troubling.  It is when the silence is broken and then a door is closed.   Many times its the waiting in the silence that is more aggravating than the closed door. This process of applying and then waiting for an answer is .... well .... it's just plan frustrating.  Sometimes those in leadership at the churches we apply to are kind enough to let us know they received the resume, other times they are kind enough to send a letter letting us know they have elected a pastor.  Other times we get NO RESPONSE at all even after we have tried contacting them a few times.  Personally I would rather have a disappointing letter than no response ever.
   Well regardless how many doors shut in our face we will praise the Lord.  He is worthy of our praise PERIOD!

Sep 7, 2011


So instead of writing here I wanted to share what I wrote over at Pastoring Partners Network about the Season of Transition.  I am one of the guest writers there along with other women that are in ministry.  It is a great place to be encouraged and challenged as women in ministry.  You can also check out the message boards to see what people are talking about.  It's a place to find support, encouragement and help from women who "get it." You can be yourself or you can sign on undercover to protect your identity.  Come and check out what PPN is all about!