Feb 21, 2013


So many changes going on within side of me.  Went to the doc the other and nothing says welcome to old age as being told, "You're in peri-menopause."   Oh okay well that does explain a bunch of things.  I am dealing with a variety of things and I have to share that I do not like it one bit.  I have been sidelined when it comes to losing weight.  Mentally I am just not there, thrown off track and fighting to get back on.  Thankful I have not gained the weight back but it seems like every time I think ok this is the day I get back into the swing of things I get hit again.
   Last week I was sorting laundry, stood up and out went my back.  Not having insurance and not being able to afford it hinders my willingness and gumption to go seek out help.  So I go to the one person I know that can heal me and that is my Lord Jesus!  I know no matter what I am facing physically, mentally or spiritually He is there.  I have been dealing with panic attacks and after talking with my doctor decided that meds were in order to get them in control.  UGH!  It is embarrassing!  I never know when they will hit or what has been causing them.  But after talking to a few of my friends they are all saying this is part of this stage of my life.  Well isn't that just lovely.  Who knew that our hormones controlled so many things!!!!
   Lord I trust in your design of my body and trust that you will regulate the hormones within.  Help me walk through this season with grace and healing.  Amen

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