Dec 4, 2012

Speed Bump

UGH!  I can not say that loud enough!  I have been derailed for over a month.  It all started with hurting my back.  Got better then it happened again.  UGH!!!  I haven't worked out for over a week and it is driving me nuts. Every morning I wake up thinking today's the day I will get back on track with exercise and I start moving.  That's when I realize, nope it's not gonna happen again.  Then the thoughts of ...."I am never going to lose this weight," or "I am failing at this AGAIN!"  I have to constantly remind myself, this is just a speed bump.  You know the kind that slow you down on purpose.  You got over it, it slows you down and then once passed that area you speed back up.  Usually those speed bumps we hit when driving are found near areas that people tend to speed through and it's a way to slow drivers down such as parking lots. They are also placed in areas to slow drivers down to keep them and others (usually children) safe such as near schools.

  So right now I seem to be stuck on one of those speed bumps.  Maybe this is God's way of saying hey slow down and let's do things my way.  I know things happen and life sometimes gets in the way and yes my focus as been so STUCK on getting the weight off I have sorta put God in the back burner.  Uhm that surely was not my intention but it happened.  So while I am stuck on this speed bump and trying to heal I will stop and take time to ask God to tell me how and what to do.  Oh wait...that was probably His plan the whole time.

*picture courtesy TLC Traffic Safety

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